Sunday, 5 August 2012

TooFatLardies Summer Special 2012

I hope that you’ll forgive me a quick plug for a new TooFatLardies Summer Special which had been published yesterday by my good friends Richard Clarke and Nick Skinner.   It’s Nick’s first spell at the crease editing the bi-annual publication, and he’s collected some fine articles as you can see from the list of contents which he published in the TooFatLardies Yahoo Group.

It’s 118 pages, costs the pretty reasonable price of £6 and is available here.

Here's a look at the contents of this smorgasbord of Lard ...

Introduction –Nick and Rich say hello.

Migrating Dux - Using "Dux Britanniarum" in other settings.

St Barthelemy – A classic IABSM historical double-scenario set in Normandy 1944.

Random Events in IABSM - Geoff Bond adds random events to IABSM.

'Just the Right Sort of Chap' - Sidney Roundwood looks at characters in “Through the Mud & the Blood”.

A Conversation with DZ - Richard Clarke in conversation with Major General John Drewienkiewicz about his “Wargames in History” books.

Bull Run – An 1861 scenario for They Couldn't Hit and Elephant.

Bagging the Hex - Graham Riddle presents his ideas for Bag the Hun without a hex mat

Wrong Side of the Fleche - Mark Luther deploys his jaeger on the outskirts of Charleston in this scenario for Sharp Practice from the AWI.

Glorious First of June - A large fleet actions scenario for Kiss Me Hardy.

"Quadrant 13" Designer's Notes - Robert Avery beams down to tell us all about his forthcoming Sci-Fi rules

Battle in the Orchard - The PLO, the Southern Lebanese Army and the Israeli Defence force battle it out in this modern scenario for IABSM.

BTH: The Italian Job – A scenario for Bag The Hun.

Them that Ain't Cowards, Follow Me! - A scenario for Sharpe Practice and `La Longue Carabine' for the American War of Independence from the pen of James Schmidt.

An Encounter for Alpha Company - A Charlie Don't Surf Scenario from Ross Bowrage.

A Lesson in Lard – Ross tells us about his experiences on the show circuit with "Charlie Don't Surf".

On a Saxon Shore - A bonus raid scenario for Dux Britanniarum.

The Last Stand of the Baron – A back end of nowhere scenario for "Through the Mud & the Blood" from the pen of Allan Coleman.

August Storm - Charles Ekhart takes a look at the Soviet conquest of Manchuria in 1945.

Decisions, Decisions: Applying the OODA loop - Fat Nick explains the decision making process and how it impacts on wargames rules.

BTH: Zero 2 Hero - A scenario for Bag the Hun.

Meaty Dux – Adding some extra meat to the bones of Dux Britanniarum campaign system.

Roundwood Report - Sidney Roundwood takes his regular look at the world of Lard.

The sharped eyed amongst you will notice a couple of things I’ve penned for the Special. There’s an interview with Richard about TooFatLardies and the products which are being worked on and play-tested at the present time, and an article by myself about Big Man characters in “Through the Mud and the Blood” which builds on the character cards and attributes we offered to players at the Wargames South show at Bovington Tank Museum last month. I hope you enjoy both of them.

As my only remuneration for the articles has been precisely half a tin of rather elderly Humbrol varnish (thanks Richard, very generous … !), I feel I can freely offer a recommendation for you to take a look without the suggestion that I am likely in any material way to profit from the publication!!

I think there’s a lot of fun ideas and information in the Summer Special even if you don’t (yet) play TooFatLardies rule-sets. But don’t let me rabbit on about it, have a look for yourself.


  1. Just waiting to have a wifi connection to buy the Special. Thanks for the heads up

  2. Yes indeed, I will need to pick up a copy!


  3. Why, thank you for the kind words, Sidney., although for the sake of my own ego I need to say not me losing my editorial cherry. The first couple of years worth were my work whilst we trained The Clarke to use modern office machinery. Nonetheless, putting this one together was fun, and much easier than it used to be!

    1. My pleasure, Nick. You did far better than I'd have done as an editor! We've come a long way since we started hand-carving those woodcuts....


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