Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Back in Action and “Let’s Go”!

Apologies for the interruption in the (already spasmodic) service of this Blog, but I’d been busy. Nothing terrible, no bad news, but a huge project at work has kept me away from enjoying my hobby. One of my colleagues mentioned that almost every day over the past four weeks has been like going the full 15 rounds with Marvin Hagler. 

 Which can’t have been very marvellous for anyone on the receiving end in the ring (Sugar Ray excepted!), and hasn't been much fun for me living the metaphor !

However, the end of this particular project is in sight, and Christmas is approaching. Which, for many people means trees, tinsel, carols and shopping. But for me, in additional to the usual seasonal fun means two wonderful things.

First, it’s Curt Campbell’s 4th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. I took part in last year and very kindly was given the chance to run again this year. As you all know, I like painting, am not very fast, frequently get the colours muddled, but redeem myself usually by being very enthusiastic. Hopefully, a perfect participant in other words!  I have no illusions of winning (and indeed there are far better painted in the Challenge than me).  For this participant, however, it’s the chance to take part which means the world.

I’ve set myself a (for me) super-challenging target of 700 points. If I get there, I will over the moon. If I manage to complete any of the bonus rounds, I’ll be even happier.

Good luck to everyone taking part, and may the best brush win!

Second, it’s Dragonmeet 2013 in London on Saturday. As long time readers might (or might not) remember, I really enjoyed my visit to the show last year. It’s really a roleplaying event, but I’ve loved roleplaying as well as wargaming for as long as I can remember and, for me, the two parts of the hobby complement each other in numerous ways. I’ve been looking forward to attending the show this Saturday for many weeks now, and have stored up a short-list of things I’d like to buy.

The big news is that this year I shall be accompanied by my daughter, Eleanor. Yes, hard to believe isn’t it. Eleven years ago I’d not have believed my newly-born daughter would be asking one day to come along to a roleplaying convention. I guess stranger things have happened. But she loves books about fantastic lands and adventures, she very much enjoys the board games we play at home as a family (Talisman, Cluedo, Heroica and others) and she’s been asking me about my hobby for years now.  I thought she might enjoy a brief trip to Dragonmeet, which has a super-friendly atmosphere, if only to give her a glimpse of the fantastic world of a great hobby that one day she might want to take part in herself.

If you’re going along to Dragonmeet, I’ll look forward to saying hello.  And I'll hopefully post a review of the show over the weekend.

Until next time, mes braves – good luck, and get those paintbrushes ready!


  1. Good to have you back Sir and looking forward to seeing what you produce for the challenge this year; like you I am very excited to get going.

  2. Great news I hope the day out is great for you and your daughter
    Peace James

  3. Glad you're back in - have a good time and looking forward to reading of your success.

  4. Enjoy Dragonmeet. I'm not going this year unfortunately, too much to do at home. Lots of Christmas prep and its my daughters 18th on New Years eve and we are having a big party. It seems the prep for that has stretched all the way back to her last Birthday!

  5. Good luck on both counts Sidney!

  6. Have a great time at Dragonmeet, I can't see any of my daughters wanting to come with me to anything like that!!

  7. It's wonderful to have you along again this year Sidney! Have a wonderful time with your daughter at Dragonmeet!

  8. Glad to hear that you're getting back in to painting again!

    Roleplaying - coincidentally we hope to try playing some WFRP with our daughters soon. We've played several of the Fighting Fantasy books which they enjoyed. We used to do lots of roleplaying back in the 90's so it will be good to dust off the books and roll some D10's.

    Painting Challenge - clearly too late to join the party directly, but I may run alongside on my own blog using the same rules, etc. I think my target will be 400pts. Perhaps if I do well then Curt will let me join next year?

    Happy gaming



  9. Excuse the double comment. Trying work out a good target total for the painting challenge and I have a query.
    If I paint a field gun and 4 crew (28mm) does it count as 1 x 10pts + 4 x 5pts = 30pts, or does the whole set just count as 10pts?
    Matt :-S


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