Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Crisis 2011 - The Other Games

I've posted some pictures below of some of the other games at Crisis 2011 in Antwerp at the weekend in addition to the TooFatLardies game which featured in my earlier Blog post.

All of these games looked wonderful, with great terrain and stunning figures. What really stood out though, was the friendly and helpful attitude of all the clubs putting on the games. Wargamers are a pretty friendly bunch, I find. But the gamers in Antwerp this weekend were certainly right up there with the most enthusiastic and welcoming wargamers I've ever met.

First up, a stunning Napoleonic game with French forces trying to retreat from Prussian attackers

James Morris' and Newark Irregulars' wonderful Abyssinia 1936 game, a game which looks better each time I see it. I had a chance to chat with James abuot the game, the terrain and the history behind both in our hotel bar after the show and had the chance to congratulate him on winning "Best Terrain" at the show. A very well deserved award, indeed.

"Crush the Kaiser" from the chaps at the Herne Bay and Whitstable Wargames Club in Kent, England is another game which I first saw at Salute in April 2011. Since then, the game seems to have grown in detail and the wonderful range of "extras" on the battlefield. The display accompanying the game was really first class, and I spent many minutes chatting with the club-members about the game and their memorabilia.

A very smart pair of games featuring actions from the Great War - a French attack on a German trench, and a (very original) street fighting scenario from 1918 featuring British infantry against German Stosstruppen.

A lovely game recreating Marston Moor in 1644 with flat figures. Tony Bath revividus.

A great looking game from the Dortmund Amateur Wargames club featuring a hard fought ACW scrap over a peach orchard.

Action from Afghanistan, circa 2011, with some great, atmospheric terrain including a predator drone and F-16.

Finally, last but certainly not least, a very well presented game of Charlie Don't Surf, with a great looking jungle.

I'm already looking forward to next year, where the Crisis show moves to a new venue (hopefully one without the super-heated spot-lighting!)


  1. Wow!! A most impressive display in all the games. Any ideas to explore from the different IWW games you saw there?

  2. Sidney,
    I still think your WWI terrain looks better than what you photographed at the show. Yours seems to capture the atmosphere of the time much better; the show boards are just too "clean."

  3. Thanks guys.

    @ Benito - Every time I go to a wargames show, I usually get a few new ideas! So yes, I got inspired by a couple of things I saw. I still really like the London Omnibus carrying troops as used in the "Crush the Kaiser" game. I also liked the Regimental Aid Post in that game - I've also been wanting to do something with medical services for a while - not quite sure what, though!

    @Brian - that's very kind. Thank you. Clean or gritty, though, it's great that so many people are interested in wargaming the Western Front.

  4. Lovely pictures. I just stole one :-) Thanks for sharing

  5. WoW! Yes I'm jealous if you must ask!!


  6. I'll wow them too, what excellent photos!! The Abyssinian game looks awesome!

  7. Those are great, you certainly take mean photo's, best yet that I have seen from the show.

  8. I concur with Ray for once, great pictures all round but the Abyssinian game was my favourite.

  9. Thanks guys for all the comments.

    @MiniMike - that's absolutely fine, please use any you like! Anyway, you're in that one!

    @Phil - it's a really old camera but it still takes reasonable pictures, I guess.

    @Ray and Angry - you two! :)

  10. Those games all look crackingly good. How was the river done, Sid? Is it glass or resin? It's amazing.

    I'm feeling the call to organize a European holiday around Crisis 2013. I wonder if I can sell the wife on it?

  11. Very nice blog and great con pictures! I'm always
    Inspired to paint and build more terrain when
    I see those great traveling convention games!
    Take care

    Franklin, TN


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