Monday 21 December 2015

The Analogue Hobbies Sixth Painting Challenge

For the past three years, this time of year has always been a little frantic. Christmas shopping? Last minute work panic?  Getting Roundwood Towers ready for the arrival of the In-Laws, friends and family guests? Yes, all of those, but also the start of Curt’s Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

And this year is no exception, with the Sixth Painting Challenge beginning yesterday at 6am in the UK, and already producing some very fine submissions.

I’ve been enormously privileged to take part in the Challenge in 2013 and 2014, and I’ve signed up again this year.  It’s one of the hobby activities which I do which has a real sense of community. This year, there are 88 painters in the Challenge – and between us we cover the globe, and paint wargaming figures of every type, period, shape and size. It’s a truly international challenge, made even more wonderful by the fact that the real winner is the hobby, our gaming friends, and our beloved wargaming and painting community.

My Challenge last year was heart-felt but not very successful, as I really failed to get going as a result of all kinds of things (nothing serious, just family and work - no doubt a story so many of you can relate to).  This year, I’m a little bit nervous as a result, reducing my targeted points total to 500 points over three months – which for me is pretty challenging. But, with a fair breeze behind me, and some application of will, I feel I can make it.

I also love Curt's theme - of risk takers, daredevils and gamblers...

I’ll be painting for a new period, and a new army, completely different to anything on my blog so far - but actually a period which I know fairly well and which goes back to my wargaming youth.  Here's just a small hint, with hopefully a lot more to come:

I’m very excited. The figures are prepared and (mostly) undercoated. My Christmas holidays are almost here. And I have the company of some of the finest hobbyists one could ever meet for the Challenge.  

So here’s to the Sixth Painting Challenge.  The die is cast! Good luck everyone!
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