Thursday, 3 November 2011

German 7.7cm Feldkanone 96 n.A.

One of the projects I started in the summer was a pair of German 7.7cm Feldkanone 96 n.A., together with some German support weapons and a detachment of Stosstruppen. Over the next few days, I thought I’d post up some pictures of how these look now they’re finished, by way of bringing that project to a close.

You might remember that I found building the two German field guns more than a little tricky. The Renegade model was, in particular, difficult to glue together and I ended up pinning it in a couple of places.

However, painting the guns was a lot easier than building them. I opted for a couple of colour schemes inspired by information on World War I German camouflage on the excellent “Landships” website. So, on the left hand side of the photograph below, there’s a slightly futuristic camouflage pattern which is similar to the pattern which seems to have been painted on some German troops’ helmets and artillery in 1918.

On the right hand side, I opted for a more “dappled” camouflage scheme, trying to echo the colours I used in the wooded terrain boards I built in the early summer.

I tried to stay close to the information on the Landships site, but I fully accept that there’s a degree of interpretation about the overall camouflage scheme I used on both field guns. I thought that the final results looked “about right” and, perhaps just as much to the point, both were a lot of fun to paint.

Finally, here’s a picture of one of the field guns occupying the prepared position terrain insert I blogged about a few days back. As you can see, it’s a tight squeeze getting the gun into place, but it does fit. It helps that the gun crew figures nearest the field gun, from Great War Miniatures, are in kneeling positions and so fit inside the low ceiling of the position (which is glued in place).

I also added one of the trench boxes into the position for effect in the photos, although I’m currently working on a German field telephonist to squeeze into the corner!


  1. Wow! Those look fantastic - like museum pieces. Well done on the camo. Best, Dean

  2. You are a talented chap, the guns look superb, especially the camo one.

  3. Beautiful work. Really like both colour schemes Sidney

  4. By George! They're marvellous. Well done sir.


  5. Thanks Guys. I really appreciate the feedback. There's one more German field gun to come (not finished it yet - it's another futuristic/mad, but apparently authentic, camo scheme). I shall try and blog the German support weapons I've finished when I get back home this evening. Thanks again!

  6. I love them, Sid. The futuristic camo scheme reminds me of a stained glass window! Seems to me it would kind of stand out amidst all the grey and brown mud, though. :) The grouping of the gunners looks right and adds tons of animation to the vignette.

  7. Splendid job there SR. Just the sort of thing I need to see to get my own Great War stuff back underway again. Look forward to the next lot.

  8. Absolutely wonderful! Love both but if you pushed me the dappled effect might be a favourite! Lovely to see them in situ as well.

  9. Fantastic work on everything! You keep tempting me with a new period as if I already didn't have enough!


  10. Long time admirer of your marvellous painting and detailing. Sydney, could you advise on some of the colours you use for your Late War German uniforms?

  11. Another great post. The guns are fantastic and the gun emplacement is a wonder. Hope you had a good time the Low Countries this weekend

  12. Thanks very much everyone. Sorry I'm late in following up on your comments - I got back from Antwerp only to be away on business on Monday 7th and yesterday.

    @ Mike (Mad Padre) - I was as surprised as you at the camouflage patterns the Germans used. I think that the colours might well have stood out a little. They do look nice (to my eye) under a camo net. I'll try and get some pictures of that soon.

    @Phil, Michael and Christopher - thanks chaps!

    @Kevin - yes, happy to do a post featuring the colours for Late War German uniforms. I'll also try and do a step by step guide if that would help anyone.

    @Benito (Anibal) - thanks! They were fun to paint and it's nice to have the gun in its home! And yes, Crisis was very good (please see later posts)


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