Friday, 13 June 2014

Operation Gericht: Adding the last details

After a week of activity setting the scene for tomorrow's two games set at Verdun in 1916, I think we're almost ready.  The players have returned some fine characteristics for their Big Men to be used in the games (thank you, Gentlemen).  I've prepared the character cards for the games as you can see from the photo above.  Efficient "Operation Gericht" card backs for the Germans; more languid "The Road to Verdun" card backs for the French.

And I've tried to set the scene in various posts on the TooFatLardies forum.  This has been a really enjoyable part of the pre-game phase for me.  It's been an experiment, to be honest, and very much a way of trying to set the scene which can then explain some of the things which may happen on the tabletop tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see how the payers have found this part of the games when we meet up tomorrow.

Player briefing - done.  "Verdun specific" rule amendments and changes distributed - done.  Terrain additions - mostly done.  Figures - done.

If I've forgotten anything, just let me know!

If you're coming to Evesham, see you there!  if not, don't worry.  I'll take plenty of photos, and hopefully (fingers crossed) will be using Twitter as the games progress throughout the day.  Updates should be @RoundwoodsWorld, and also on #spreadthelard.

Hope you enjoy it, wherever you are!


  1. Great stuff, Adam!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the next episodes of this game.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Best of luck for tomorrow my good man.

  3. Thanks for all your efforts Sidney. Really looking forward to the game tomorrow - no doubt it will be excellent. I will also have camera in tow to get plenty of shots of lovely terrain.

    1. Phil, thank you SO MUCH for the camera pictures, and for being such a great player!


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