Thursday, 26 June 2014

TooFatLardies Summer Special 2014

The latest “Special” from TooFatLardies pinged into my email inbox a few minutes ago. These Specials come out twice a year – in Summer and Christmas – and are a great read and excellent value for money. Think of them as an online wargaming magazine which is really focusing on getting games onto the table, and how they’re played.

OK, OK….I admit it, I am very biased as you will know. That being said, speaking honestly, this edition is a cracker and I doubt you will be disappointed if you buy a copy.

The Summer Special can be purchased for the very reasonable price of £6.00 – which is two large cappuccinos in London money - and can be purchased at the TooFatLardies online store HERE.  

And to excite you further, here's the list of contents for the Summer Special 2014

  • Introduction. Nick says hello.
  • Westwind. A complete Chain of Command mini-campaign set in East Prussia 1945.
  • Seven Spears. A truly magical conversion for using Samurai with Dux Britanniarum. 
  • Do Some Dinging C Company. A Charlie Don't Surf scenario from Operation Colorado in 1966.
  • Robin Hood's Black Gold Home Guard versus Fallschirmjager mini campaign for Chain of Command based on original defence plans for Nottinghamshire. 
  • The Siege of Augusta. A multi-player scenario for Sharp Practice in the American War of Independence.
  • Big CoC in Africa. A fantastic report of a post-colonial Africa adaptation for Chain of Command which has been impressing the Australian show circuit.
  • Carribean Broadsides. A squadron action for Kiss Me Hardy. 
  • It's the Chindits! A great new list for Chain of Command with several Chindit force options and three distinct support lists for the varying operations undertaken. There's a smashing little scenario added on to give them a run out too.
  • Hurricanes over Hal Far. Bag the Hun looks at the siege of Malta and presents three scenarios for air war over the Med.
  • Circle the Wagons. A Chain of Command scenario for fighting in Benouville in June 1944. A 70th anniversary scenario.
  • The Roundwood Report. Blogimpressario Sidney Roundwood chats to Big Rich about how he writes rules. So top tips for would be rule designers.
  • Strawberries for Elephants. A spectacular full campaign for Chain of Command set on the Dyle Line in 1940. A great example of gaming interwoven with superb historical research. 
  • Giarabub. In the deserts of North Africa the Australians face the Italians in the aftermath of Operation Compass. A scenario for IABSM
  • Sawrms for Q13. A look at using swarm type forces for our popular Sci-fi rules.
  • OML2. A report from a great Lardy Games day in the West Country. With cakes!
  • Vacquevill. A second 70th anniversary game, this time for IABSM as the Yanks fight their way inland from Omaha beach. 
It's 139 pages in total and each one packed with goodies. And not a single page of adverts to be seen - not even for Ade's delicious cakes....


  1. Difficult to knock at that price! Blogimpressario indeed. ;)

  2. Im a fan of your blog. I saw this trailer for a game about WWI and I thought it might be of interest to you:

    I don't know if you are into video games but there aren't many games about WWI. I love your terrain articles!

  3. The Roundwood report looks to be interesting:-) and Samurai for Duy B. does stimulate the imgination quite a bit! Plus with all the other goodies makes for a lot for little cost.


  4. Thanks for the run down, definitely interested in the Samurai rules.


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