Monday, 16 November 2015

Vive la Republique! Vive la Liberte! Vive La France!

Others will no doubt say it more eloquently, but here are some of my favourite French things:

Paris, in all it’s glory

French summers

French food and wine

French films

Louis XIV

French armies

French courage, now and always

Nous sommes unis - Nous sommes Paris


  1. Spot on Sidney, spot on!

  2. Well said and may I add the French countryside. Provence comes to mind.

  3. Well put Sydney 10/10! [But you'll no doubt offend someone, somewhere . . . . :O( ]

  4. Thank you, everyone, for your comments.

    @ Ashley, I apologise! - I should indeed have added the wonderful French countryside. For me, I think my favourite region is the Gers, around Auch and to the west of Toulouse, but I would love to get to Provence one day.

    @Gary - Thank you - and indeed I did upset someone. I got a great email from my good friend Jon Davenport complaining about the addition to the list of Le Roi Soleil. Tant pis, mon ami!

  5. Merci Beaucoup Sidney !
    Vive la Liberté et vive la FRANCE !!!


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