Saturday, 14 October 2017

The TooFatLardies Oddcast: number one

It seems strange to say that I've taken part in a podcast after I've made such a poor effort of keeping this Blog going during the year - but I have.

With Richard Clarke and Nick Skinner, I had fun in recording the first TooFatLardies Oddcast, an irregularly appearing podcast about wargaming. You can find the link to the first show here: Lard Oddcast One

During the course of the show, we each chose a book to talk about briefly: Rich went with Sir John Keegan's "The Face of Battle", Nick chose Dr Paddy Griffith's "Forward into Battle", and yours truly went with "The Commentaries of War" by Blaise de Monluc.

Books and wargaming go together perfectly, so I'm hoping listeners will enjoy this part of the podcast.

I've again picked some slightly less well known books going forward for future podcasts, mainly so we make sure we have a lot of variety.

I hope you enjoy the first podcast. We've a series of six planned, after which I guess we'll see if anyone wants more!

Happy listening!


  1. Interesting and good fun! Hope to hear many more and thanks for Blogging on.

    1. Thanks very much, William! Stay tuned, as there's more on the way!

  2. I'll come back and check out the pod later!

  3. I listened, and enjoyed it. Looking forward to more.

  4. Thanks. I listened this morning and have just bought the Monluc book. Looking forward to it.

    1. Thanks Whiskey - I really hope you enjoy the Monluc book. I really enjoyed it - some of it is a little bit strange, but really authentic.

      Such as in 1554 at the siege of Siena, Blaise de Monluc is engaged in a ferocious siege, everyone is starving in the city, his fellow nobles on the town council are grumbling constantly and he then..... sends for his tailor and orders a magnificent suit of clothes which instantly proves to everyone that he IS the right man to defend the City!

  5. Very enjoyable Sidney, I look forward to hearing about the road trip in the next one.

    1. Thanks Pat - we might even have a very short one before we get to the road trip - so watch this space!

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