Friday, 23 March 2018

Le comte de Garnier's Alsatian Horse, 1688

The last of the mounted allied regiments I've planned to paint this winter is a squadron of the Comte de Garnier's horse from the province of Alsace.  Like the Lorrainer horse, featured in my last Blog post, the Alsatian horse regiments in the 17th century Hapsberg Imperial army had a good reputation on the battlefield, supplementing Spanish and Imperial armies in the Low Countries and along the Rhine.  As such, the squadron is a good inclusion for my Spanish and Imperial forces focused on the fictional Flemish Free-City of Laarden around 1688, drawing on the uniforms and standards of the time (when I can find them). 

I've again used Dixon Miniature's Grand Alliance figures for the bulk of the cavalry, with the addition of some Wargames Foundry horses, trumpeter and mounted standard bearer.  

The two cavaliers on the separate base area really generic cavalry brigade commanders, really painted to fit with the Alsatian and Lorrainer horse squadrons.  Again, they're a mix of Wargames Foundry and Dixon Miniatures figures.  

I added green-stuff to some of the figures, mainly adding feathers, and some additional lace on the officers' uniforms.  Nothing to really change the figures, but enough to make them just a bit different for each unit formation.  The flag is, once again, from Flags of War but it's another fudge as I drew a blank on the accurate standards for the comte de Garnier's regiment.

Next up, after a short painting break, will be the Spanish regiments of Horse, and then, finally, squadrons of the French chevau-léger.


  1. A fantastic looking unit, love that shade of green, what is it?

  2. Hi Ray, thanks so much! The base is mix of Vallejo Model Colour ("VMC") Deep Green (75%) and VMC Russian Uniform. The Russian Uniform made the base colour just a bit darker.

    The mid-colour is plain VMC Deep Green on its own.

    The highlight is VMC Deep Green and some VMC Lime Green added.

    The VMC Deep Green is a really nice colour for Pike & Shot of Napoleonics. Deeper and richer than the green camo colours, and not as 'chalky' in colour as VMC Intermediate Green. Hope that helps!

  3. Wonderful brushwork as always mate. Love em!

  4. Splendid work as usual. How are you finding the Alatriste novel? I am up to The Sun Over Breda so far.

    1. Hey Phil. I got on OK with the first Alatriste novel. I feel a bit of a party-pooper as, although I really enjoyed the setting, I was not blown away by the novel as I was expecting to be. There were some brilliant moments (one of my favourite being Alatriste's recollections of the men he had killed over the years). But there were also some passages, mainly at the start of the book, which were really impenetrable - when I totally lost track of which character was which. I've no doubt this is simply me being dim, and/or just a very Spanish style being translated to English.

      I shall certainly persevere with the others, and I read the whole book in a couple of days which, I guess, is recommendation itself.

      I'd be really interested to know if you had the same experiences, Phil!

  5. Beautiful job on the cavalry Sid.

    Been several years since I read the Alatriste books, trying to remember Alatriste's reflections on his past. Not having much luck though.


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