Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 Plans and Projects

A very happy new year to you all ! I thought I’d cover in this blogpost what’s on the painting table and in the wargames diary for 2012. I’ve had a great time over the past few days looking at other bloggers’ plans, so I thought it was time for mine.

At least this year I’ve found somewhere at Roundwood Towers where I can put a painting table which is not going to be converted into an ensuite bathroom (as the last cubby hole was). Here it is – fairly small and discreet, but it should be large enough to get me through the year and then some.

On one of my favourite blogs, Tears of Envy quoted Victorian philanthropist Henry Wellcome who proclaimed, "Never tell anyone what you propose to do until you have done it." Wise words indeed. I should have followed his advice.

Sharp eyed readers may remember my predictions from last year, including this gem – “The focus in the Spring of 2011 is going to be on a troop of Lord Strathcona’s Horse from Moreuil Wood in March, 1918”. Well, that went well didn’t it?

One year on and not a single cavalryman, mounted or dismounted, has been painted with anything more than a black undercoat. So, this is certainly a long-overdue project which is firmly on the workbench for the Great War in 2012.

I also want to add about three more trench terrain boards to the Great War terrain collection. I don’t want to jump the gun and describe these (not least in case I change my mind), but I’m hoping one of them will include a free standing strongpoint such as a fortified farm or two-storey blockhouse. I have long envied Phil Robinson’s fantastic “die ratte keller” with green, jealous eyes and I can see myself unable to resist copying it shamelessly for much longer.

I’d also like to get my force of German trench raiders finished to go along with the new terrain. I had in mind an improvised Zug of veteran, aggressive trench raiders and was looking for inspiration to make the unit a little bit different. I’m still thinking through the possibilities, but this is certainly something I want to press ahead with in the New Year for the Great War.

From a written word perspective, I still need to post the campaign diaries from the games played in December (I’ve not forgotten!). And, fingers crossed, I’ll get the Western Front "Platon Forward" campaign supplement to “Through the Mud and the Blood” finished in the next month or so.

What’s left for the Great War? Well, I’m nervous about making predictions but here’s some clues ...

Finally, I’m also working on something very different in 28mm. Again, it’s a large-skirmish project, but it should challenge my ship building skills. Here’s some clues ...

As for wargames shows, we’re heading for Salute again with a demo game (no idea what yet) and I’d like to make the trip north at some point to one of the northern shows – probably Partizan – with another “Beer and Lard Day” in Burton towards the end of the year.

So, there you have it. Let’s see how I do in the next 12 months!


  1. The first photo left me intrigued guessing. My answers for the rest: WWI US army, a naval game(?) and a Dark Ages horde (the last one not difficult if you have bought the TooFatLardies Xmas Special and have read the Roundwood's Report). Good luck with the projects!!

  2. It's good to hear that others also don't quite manage to stick to the gaming plans ;o)

    Look forward to seeing more of your splendid painting and modelling on the blog.

    I'm hoping to attend Salute again this year so I'll make a point of stopping by your game and saying hello!



  3. Oi! Where'd you get a piccie of my helmet?

  4. Good stuff and the possibility of pillaging as well.....

  5. Sounds like a promising year indeed. Looking forward to seeing the cavalry take to the table.

  6. Cool, curious what pops up first. I should get the Xmas special soon probably. Dark Ages game in the pipeline?

  7. Even without a preview we'd know it was going to be a great year, but the post does make it more clear, and with some tantalising teasing too. Mr Wellcome is very right about keeping tight-lipped just in case, so I admire you tipping us off like this.

  8. Really looking forward to your WWI material and your take on the Dark Ages(SAGA?)


  9. Thanks everyone, and happy new year to All!

    @Anibal (Benito) – you got almost all of those questions! Yes, Doughboys to hopefully arrive sometime this year. And yes, early (Fifth Century A.D.) Saxons in 28mm – finally getting an army on the table which I bought in December 2009!

    @Matt – please do drop by at Salute. It’d be fantastic to say hello!

    @Laffe – oh that’s your helmet is it? It’s in the post!

    @Angry – seafaring plunder and pillage firmly on the agenda, yes.

    @Michael – thanks mate. I hope so. The cavalry was all supposed to be done by now in time for the release of Spielberg’s “War Horse” adaptation. Best Laid Plans, etc., etc. ...

    @MiniMike – Dark Ages is in the pipeline. Rich is doing sub-Roman British and I almost have the first batch of early Saxon raiders done.

    @Porky – Well, hopefully it will be a great year. I’m just really nervous about promising too much! Make sure you hold me to my promises, now!

    @Christopher – The Dark Age stuff will be SAGA-esque, I think. It’s more focused on campaigning and larger games than SAGA, but it’s very early days yet. But, stay tuned ...

  10. Ahh, I see. I'm very curious to see what you have in mind.


  11. Best of luck Sidney. Really looking forward to seeing your WW1 and Dark Age stuff as it comes through on your blog.

  12. A music box..and a wind up one at that???? The handle looks like a crank so..vehicles???
    After the way you have represented WWI I really look forward to your treatment of vikings

  13. Dark Ages and WWI, sounds like a good plan to me. Look forward to the next years worth of blogs.

  14. I shall look forward to the Viking project!!!

  15. I look forward to seeing the cavalry too. Highly flattered that you find my efforts worth copying I shall certainly like to see your take on it. Paul, Musical Box was the name of a Whippet tank that was engaged during the Amiens campaign. "Musical Box – advanced so far it was cut off behind German lines. For nine hours it roamed at will, destroying an artillery battery, an Observation balloon, the camp of an infantry battalion and a transport column of the German 225. Division, inflicting heavy casualties. At one point one of Musical Box's fuel tanks was ruptured and fuel leaked into the cabin knee deep. The crew had to wear gas masks to survive the fumes. Eventually, a German shell disabled it and as the crew abandoned the tank one was shot and killed and the other two were taken prisoner"

    Hope you can do a Great War game either at Salute or Partizan.

  16. I hope you make a WWI game at Salute too, as I'm planning to attend the show this year. Interested also in the development of the Dark Ages rules: I've been a long time player of ancient periods, but got fed up with WAB after the new version blunder and have found no replacement rules set. Still intrigued with the music box... Paul and Phil may be right, more WWI tanks in store (yehaaa!)

  17. Aha! We have a winner …
    @Rodger – thanks for the encouragement, Sir!

    @Paul – a musical box – quite correct. Vehicles …. Ooooo, so very close, Paul, so very close.

    @Hendrid – Thanks Hendrid, I hope you enjoy what’s coming.

    @Ray – Vikings, Sir? Good Gad, no – Saxons, and early buckler chaps at that. Hope you like them all the same!

    @Phil – We have a WINNER. Yes, “Musical Box” was the famous Whippet tank which Phil mentioned. I’ve collected a couple of braces of “nimble” Whippets which approached a ‘top’ speed of 8mph. With the Austin armoured cars from the Tank Corps which I painted in 2010 (and the cavalry when they finally get done) I’ll hopefully be able to deploy these “mobile” assets in a combined arms battle. And there’s some other stuff in the same vein which hopefully you’ll like as well. It’ll be “revolutionary” – well, possibly ...

    @Anibal – I don’t think we’re doing Great War at Salute. I think it’s going to be IABSM WW2, but a different game to Crisis. We're thnking of doing something new with the Great War at Partizan, but that depends if we get an invite!! However, Dark Ages is a definite go – first playtest of the new rules is scheduled for next Tuesday.


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