Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Happy Birthdays and Helsinki Bus Stations

Although I have pretty much no idea what Google plus (should that be Google + ?) is, or what it does, it is at least very handy for popping up reminders when fellow bloggers have a birthday. Yesterday, it announced that my chum and blogger extra-ordinare Mike Whittaker had a birthday. Today, Mike’s posted on his site that he’s reached 50 (not out).  Being an all round decent sort, he's even having a prize-draw to celebrate.

Many happy returns Mike!!

As is the way of the blogging world, I’ve been in touch with Mike for a while but only met up with him I person recently at Salute 2013 in London. Here’s Mike (in the blue top in the photo above), alongside other super-bloggers including Lee and Ray (with the parcel). 

Mike’s been a great supporter of TooFatLardies for a long while now and I’m very much hoping that later this summer, or in the Autumn, we get the chance to make the trip up to Peterborough for a gaming day with Mike, super-painter Andy and the other Peterborough gamers.

Here’s the link to Mike’s excellent blog, “Trouble At T’Mill”, in which you will find some fantastic posts on terrain making, figure painting and just about everything else.

My favourite post on Mike's Blog, however, is probably this post from February on the Helsinki Bus Station Theory, which links to an article in The Guardian by Oliver Burkeman and onwards to an essay by Arno Rafael Minkkinen. For any hobbyist, and any wargamer, I think Arno’s essay, Oliver’s article, and Mike’s follow-up post, are just about as good an encapsulation of what each of our own hobbying journeys are all about as anything I’ve read. 

Have a read. I think you'll enjoy them.  And as Mike mentions - Stay on the bus! 

And again, Happy Birthday Mike!


  1. :) thank you.

    We'll definitely arrange that game sometime. Meanwhile I think you actually forgot the link to http://troubleatthemill.blogspot.com/2013/03/bus-stations-in-helsinki.html ;)

    1. Thanks Mike! Link now fixed in the text (thanks for the head's up)!!


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