Monday 24 January 2011

WIP – British Trench Raiders 1917

I thought I’d post a few pictures of some British trench raiders which I’ve been painting in the past couple of weeks, really to keep my momentum up during the long, cold January months for my “Winter Sports” trench raiding project.

I’ve enjoyed painting these guys. They’ve made a real change from simple British and German infantry. I’ve photographed 22 of the figures – there are another 10 to finish off, plus a Vickers machine gun to give long range covering fire if the British attacker is fortunate enough to get the use of that weapon in the pre-raid “Winter Sports” troop allocation. I’ve then got about 20 German trench raiders, which I’ve not yet started.

The standing figures in the photographs are from Great War Miniatures, Musketeer Miniatures and First Corps. The casualty figures are the excellent ‘generic casualty’ from Silent Invader from the Lead Adventure Forum, with the addition of some weapons, helmets and backpacks from MaxMini and The Assault Group. The swarm of trench rats were from Irregular Miniatures.

While the first two manufacturers are well know for their Great War subjects, I don’t think that First Corps have got the same least not yet. I found the First Corps figures (available at very clean and well cast, size-compatible with Musketeer and Great War Miniatures and very reasonably priced. Delivery was very fast, and certainly within one week to mainland UK. The figures are characterful and easy to paint. They don’t have the same intricate surface detail as Musketeer and Great War Miniatures, and the sculpting is not as fine. However, they look good (at least to my eye) when painted. See what you think. Once I have finished all the raiding teams, I’ll do a shot of the First Corps figures so you can judge them against the others for yourselves.

The figure holding a map in the photograph above is a First Corps figure and to my mind is a great sculpt – reading a map as he tries to navigate through No Mans Land by the light of starshells.

The British trench raiders in the photos are about at the 90% finished stage, just requiring varnishing and the addition of a little more detail on their bases. On quite a few of the bases you can spot barbed wire picket poles of the type which would have been present in No Mans Land in front of trench lines. I went a bit over the top on adding extra poles onto the casualty bases. I hope to post a few more pictures next time of the different sorts of barbed wire you can use on bases when I finish the figures later this week.

Finally, as this is a WIP post, I've posted a couple of pictures of where I started out with these figures just before New Year. You can get a glimpse of the Vickers machine gun team, and some of the German trench raiders, as well as some of the British trench raiders I've not yet finished...


  1. You have a real painting talent there, really lovely stuff, makes me pine for my WW1 figures i used to own.

  2. Great project and great painting!

  3. Looking good as always... Gotta get back to the brushes...

  4. Very well have given them a lot of chracter...great

  5. An excellent job indeed. I'm a big fan of Great War but after watching your photos I'm gonna take a second look to Musketeer and 1st Corps. Well done, Sidney

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. I really appreciate them.

    @ Angry Lurker: Hey, you do know it's never too late to begin again....:)

    @Muskie: Awesome to hear from you Muskie. Yeah, pick up those bristle brushes soon, mate!

    @ Anibal: I'll do a post later this week of just the 1st Corps figures, including their snipers which are nice. They are different to Great War, but well worth a look in my view.

  7. Christ, Sidney! You really do magic with your painting. I have just taken a look to the 1st Corps website and the "raw" figures really look ugly. In your photos they don't look like the same product. I'll have to give you the benefit of the doubt. For my German Stoss foreces I'm also recycling some of the Scarab's Austrian range (very nice flamethrower teams, for example)

  8. Cool Blog mate, love your work

  9. You're Bases have quite a bit of character...nicely done.


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