Friday, 15 April 2011

The Night Before Salute !

It’s Salute 2011 tomorrow, the biggest wargames show in the UK. I’m heading to Salute with my chums from the St Albans Wargames Club with a participation game set in the American Civil War using the “Terrible Sharp Sword” rules from TooFatLardies. It should be a brilliant days gaming. Please feel free to drop by and join in the game or just say "howdy". I’ve always enjoyed looking at the fantastic entries in previous years’ Salute painting competitions. There’s just something really special about the cabinets in the centre of Olympia or Excel filled with fantastic painting and models. So much so that this year, I’ve decided to take the plunge and enter as well. It’s my first painting competition, and I’m more than a little nervous. I’ve no expectation of anything but just taking part and not embarrassing myself ! Anyway, here’s the entry….”Through the Wire: Flanders 1917”. Fingers crossed... More from Salute over the weekend, hopefully. Until then, have a great weekend and a great Salute 2011 if you're heading there.


  1. Good luck with your entry and hope the clubs game goes well, we'll be wandering around ourselves on the day.

  2. Good luck man, I'm sure you will do well !!!
    Carlo Antonio

  3. Enjoy guys, you're really lucky to be able to attend. An bring tons of photos please!!!

  4. I am late to this, but I hope it went tremendously well. Beautiful entries. Really ace work.


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