Friday, 6 November 2020

Pre-Crisis Eve - but not in Antwerp

Over the last ten years on this Blog, I've posted many times about the excellent "Crisis" wargames show, held every year in the Belgian city of Antwerp. It's my favourite wargames show of the year, with a huge amount of that credit going to the tireless members of the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp wargaming club, who year after year stage a terrific event. 

Yet, this year - 2020 - on an evening when I should be in Antwerp, with friends, enjoying a glass of De Koninck along a fine steak, I'm at home.  No doubt like so many of you, Dear Readers, from Alaska to Aukland - and everywhere in between - I'm "locked down", and the Crisis show is cancelled.

But that's no reason to forget the wonderful times we've had in Antwerp at the Crisis show, and to look forward with confidence and anticipation to a time when we'll all be able to travel again to wargames shows in places such as the lovely city of Antwerp.

Crisis is more than just another wargaming convention. It’s a perfect venue for wargamers and hobbyists throughout Europe to meet up and share ideas, experiences, roll some dice, play some games and buy (yet more) figures, terrain, tools, books and just... well, "stuff".

And perhaps the biggest star of the Crisis show is the city of Antwerp itself. Welcoming and friendly, and with a stylish and elegant old town, Antwerp is a great destination for a long weekend of wargaming with friends.

So, until we can all travel again to shows like Crisis, stay safe, Dear Readers!  Enjoy your Crisis-Eve, and Crisis weekend, even if at home.  Normal posting (and nonsense) from seventeenth century Flanders will be back in the next Blog post, rest assured.


  1. Hope to see you all again at Crisis over the coming years

  2. Never been, but one day I may be lucky enough to get all my ducks in a row and get there.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to one and all.


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