Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Glasgow Copse

I had a very enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend finishing off the wooded terrain board and free-standing trench board I’d blogged about a week or so back. I also made a couple of inserts for the wooded board, of which more in a later Blog post.

In case you were interested in the finished wooded terrain board, here it is...

The paints used were mainly household emulsion and some acrylic craft paints called “Louvre”. For the fine detail painting – the corrugated iron, the trench boards and the fallen leaves, I just used Vallejo acrylics. I don’t normally bother varnishing scratch-built terrain, but I ran a quick coat of matt varnish over the plastic-card corrugated iron.

Here’s some more photos, all “staged” as I’ve not yet run a game on the board yet.

I thought the destroyed heavy machine gun based looked quite authentic.... a reassuring sight for any British, French or American player!

And some less reassuring sights for British, French or American players....

Eingreiftruppen advancing

Nemesis of the British subaltern....

German NCOs organising the defence

German field commanders watching and waiting...

A German sniper stalking his prey...

Hope you enjoyed these....next up the finished free-standing trench board.


  1. Who wouldn't enjoy them, excellent work especially with the figures among them.

  2. Wonderful game board, the colours are excellent, it's very atmospheric. I love the removable wood sections. It'll be a joy to play on, I'm sure.

  3. What a clever idea!
    These modular terrain pieces give endless possibilities!
    Fantastic work mate. If you look closely at the pics, you can 'feel' this cold and sinister smell of war in the air...:-)

  4. Excellent piece of terrain and fabulous figures to with it!

  5. Another excellent board piece of the Roundwood's factory!
    Do your game mates really appreciate how lucky and fortunate they are having you around????

  6. Thank yuo everyone. The comments are very welcome:

    @Mr Saturday - thanks. I tried hard to make the colours a little dramatic. I'm thinking of repainting the other boards in similar, more muted and Autumnal, tones.

    @Thanos - The main idea was to try and create terrain which worked well for modular game boards, and also could be removed and stored easily, but also could be used on a flat table top/ non-modular setting. Twice the uses for the same terrain.... "Cold and sinister" is exactly the feeling I was going for, so thank you!

    @Anibal - thanks Anibal. Do my club mates realise? Probably not .... hahaha :)

  7. Absoloutly fantastic terrain, yet again.

  8. Beautiful terrain, it looks very dark and dank, just how it should!

  9. Masterpiece, nothing less. Wish someone in my club could make this quality boards..

  10. Very nice and practical board. Really captures the feeling of the period.


  11. I had to come back again. I'm going to mimic your setup here. I love the fact that your part of your terrain is removable. I also obviously love your work.


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