Thursday, 1 March 2012

Roundwood's Wordle 2012

Here's a harmless (and some may say utterly pointless) bit of fun, and an echo from last year. I put the URL of my blog from the last few weeks into Wordle and came up with this ...

I did the same last year after Big Lee started the ball rolling and the change over 12 months, and particularly since Christmas, is pretty obvious. Great War to Dark Ages in one easy step.

No real surprise I guess, but lots of fun all the same. Have a go yourself, maybe - you'll enjoy it.

Seeing some of the Wordles in the gallery on the Wordle website is always fun - be warned though, it's a time sink!

More Wordle-ing in 12 months time, folks. Normal (non-frivalous) service will be resumed this weekend.


  1. Angles Game Deck Saxons?

    Shuffleboard on a longboat?

  2. I couldn't get this to work last time but I'm determined this time....

  3. Its a bit of fun but can actually be a good way to take a snapshot of your Blog at any given time.

  4. Great fun this, I tried it last month and words like tartan and Highlanders were prevalent; goodness knows what it will throw up know, must go and try.

  5. it comes up with the most prevelant words on your blog?

  6. It certainly reflects your Dark Ages interest. My eye was caught by "British time fighting". Sounds like the summer training season here at BATUS/Suffield. Or a footie match.

  7. Interesting and I might try it myself someday.


  8. On you can make more images with your text.


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